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Moss Removal Services In Epsom, Surrey

Does your Epsom property require a roof clean/moss removal?


Many concrete and clay tiled roofs can develop unsightly moss and algae growth over time. This is caused by the tiles becoming porous after the effects of general weathering over many years, it can also lead to damaged tiles and blocked gutters.


Here at Wise Choice Roofing we can completely rejuvenate your old or moss affected roof with our affordable, proven professional roof cleaning process. We will professionally treat your roof tiles removing all traces of moss, ,and grime using an application of high strength fungicidal wash to eliminate any remaining fungi spores, in addition we will also replace any broken/missing tiles and can also carry out any required re-pointing of ridges. Wise Choice Roofing can carry out a thorough and complete roof clean up including disposal of moss and the clearing of gutters too.


Our professional roof cleaning service not only removes all moss and algae but also cleans the actual roof tile itself. The finished result is a cleaner looking roof which enhances the entire overall look of the property. A clear water repellent sealant can also be applied to the tiles of the roof for a longer lasting result. The coating enables the tiles to become non-porous, thus making it highly resistant to future moss and algae growth whilst keeping the surface cleaner for longer!


Benefits of our quality roof cleaning services at Wise Choice Roofing are:


  • An clearly improved visual difference from before to after
  • The coating waterproofs and protects your roof tiles
  • Clean roof tiles are free of unsightly moss and grime
  • All tiles and cement works are left secure and in place
  • Great value

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